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History of the Aerie

An aerie in nature is the lofty nest of any bird of prey, including eagles and hawks. In the Fraternal Order of Eagles, the term Aerie is the name of the building in which the members meet and hold events.

Structure and Organization

Local units are called "Aeries".  There were 1,400 Aeries scattered across the US and Canada in 2001. The national convention is known as the "Grand Aerie" and meets annually. "Grand Aerie" is also the name of the headquarters of the organization, currently at Grove City, Ohio.

Aeries are known by their instituting number and the name of the city in which they are located. The Aerie instituting number is appointed based on the order in which an Aerie is instituted; at current date the Grand Aerie is instituting Aeries in the 4500 range. Naturally, Aerie #1 is located in Seattle, WA.

The Grand Aerie Fraternal Order of Eagles International Convention is held each year in a different city in either the United States or Canada. During the International Convention, delegates from all Aeries and Auxiliaries vote on the new Grand Aerie and Grand Auxiliary representatives, new by-laws and other relevant issues.

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